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Misoprostol Alone Working Group

The Misoprostol Alone Working Group was formed in early 2006 in response to an emerging awareness of women’s self-use of misoprostol for abortion in many Latin American countries and in the U.S., particularly among Latina immigrants. Convened by the Abortion Access Project, Gynuity Health Projects, Ibis Reproductive Health and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, the working group serves as a forum for shared learning and discussion among participants regarding a range of issues relating to the use of misoprostol for abortion. Five areas have been identified for investigation, discussion and activity; these include Research, Provider Education, Patient Education, Law and Policy, and Media and Messaging. The group is open to and includes individuals and organizations from within the field of reproductive health and rights, interested in the use of misoprostol for abortion and its implications for women’s access to abortion and other reproductive health care in the U.S. For more information contact Melanie Zurek at the Abortion Access Project