Gynuity Health Projects


Clinical Research

Gynuity works with researchers and clinical care providers in the United States and internationally to conduct research on critical women’s health issues. Our aim is to reduce morbidity and mortality related to some of the most significant health problems facing women, such as unsafe abortion and postpartum hemorrhage.

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Social Science Research

Gynuity designs and conducts research to inform and guide provision of reproductive and maternal health services. Our research in this area takes place both separate from and in conjunction with clinical research and the introduction of new reproductive technologies into health services.

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Training and Education

Training is a core aspect of Gynuity’s clinical work. We prepare health professionals to use reproductive health technologies where they are relatively new or underutilized and train them in research methodology to document the use and acceptability of these methods in different contexts.

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Technical Assistance

Gynuity works to strengthen reproductive and maternal health care services by supporting the introduction of low-cost, evidence-based technologies to treat a range of women’s health conditions. In addition to clinical research producing data in support of new technologies, we provide technical assistance to health care systems, policymakers, and advocates.

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Materials Development

Gynuity develops educational materials on a range of maternal and reproductive health issues for providers, women’s health advocates, and policymakers. We are committed to making information accessible and translate our key resources into numerous languages.

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Policy and Advocacy

In highly politicized contexts, health professionals and women alike face significant barriers to a full range of reproductive health technologies. Gynuity works with a diverse group of women’s health advocates to realize the promise of medical abortion and other reproductive health technologies in the United States and abroad.

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