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Training and Technical Assistance

Training is a core aspect of Gynuity’s work. We prepare health professionals to use reproductive health technologies where they are relatively new or underutilized and train them in research methodology to evaluate services and document the use and acceptability of technology in different contexts. Our training efforts focus on supporting introduction of medical abortion regimens, use of drugs for uterine evacuation and other obstetric indications, such as the management of postpartum hemorrhage. Results of our research naturally inform our training efforts, as we disseminate and distill new information for varied audiences. Through training and information dissemination, we ensure that recent evidence reaches policy makers and health care providers to inform national clinical guidelines and practice. Our training efforts also serve to help providers examine and optimize service provision by evaluating locally generated data.

Alongside training, Gynuity provides technical assistance to health care systems, policy makers, and advocates to incorporate reproductive health technologies into existing services and to evaluate and monitor service delivery options. We provide support to update national guidelines and essential medicines formularies. Gynuity also organizes conferences and meetings to share research findings with health care providers, decision makers and women’s health advocates.