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Burkina Faso

Gynuity collaborated with local partners in Burkina Faso to conduct a trial to evaluate misoprostol for treatment of postpartum hemorrhage. This study was also implemented in Ecuador, Egypt, Turkey, and Vietnam. Results from the trial were published in the Lancet in Jan 2010 and showed that 800 mcg sublingual misoprostol is clinically equivalent to 40 IU IV oxytocin when given to treat PPH to women given oxytocin as part of active manage of the third stage of labor.

We also conducted several feasibility studies to show that misoprostol works for treatment of incomplete abortion through at public sector hospitals and clinics. Local colleagues have also participated in a study to evaluate a lower dose of misoprostol as a first-line postabortion care treatment in settings with providers previously untrained in MVA care.  

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