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Puerto Rico

Because of Puerto Rico’s relationship to the United States, abortion has been legal there since Roe vs. Wade. However, access to medical abortion technology on the island has lagged far behind the U.S. since its approval in 2000. Few abortion providers offer the method in their practices and women do not know where it can be obtained. In September 2007, Gynuity and local colleagues completed a feasibility study that aimed to increase access to medical abortion and to assess acceptability of the method in this setting. The study was conducted in two private abortion clinics in the San Juan metropolitan area. Women presenting for voluntary termination of intrauterine pregnancy with gestational ages of <63 days were offered the option of participating in the study. Results of this study are forthcoming.


Additional planned activities in Puerto Rico include: * Dissemination of mifepristone medical abortion study to other clinical providers in Puerto Rico and the Latin American region. * Support to providers to integrate mifepristone medical abortion into first trimester abortion services. * Implementation of a new study of mifepristone as a pretreatment to misoprostol induction abortion for second trimester gestations, comparing it to misoprostol alone. The study will also be conducted in Moldova, Tunisia, Turkey, and Vietnam.

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