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United States of America

Gynuity's work in the United States to date has focused primarily on studying clinical innovations to improve medical abortion technology. Our research has multiple goals: to increase access to medical abortion by testing regimens that are effective at later gestational ages; to achieve the highest efficacy with the fewest side effects; to increase acceptability to women; to decrease costs; and to streamline service delivery. We have engaged in advocacy and developed consensus-building strategies with colleague organizations to defend access to mifepristone which has come under scrutiny in recent years. We also work to develop social science research to help close information gaps. One new area of research explores women’s knowledge of and experience with misoprostol and other agents for self-induced abortion.


In addition to our work with medical abortion research and advocacy, we have expanded our scope to new areas of research in the US and have several new projects planned:

  • Evaluating misoprostol regimens for second trimester intra-uterine fetal death.
  • Testing a topical estrogen cream for vaginal self-protection.
  • Estimating prevalence of vaginal and rectal colonization of clostridium sordellii and perfringens in women of reproductive age.
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