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Gynuity staff has been working with local partners in Vietnam for over a decade on a range of reproductive and maternal health initiatives. One of our primary areas of work is focused on medical abortion y. Our efforts in this area aim to: refine first and second trimester regimens; expand services to multiple levels of the health care system; and training.

We also carry out work on PPH in Vietnam; including trials assessing misoprostol for the prevention and treatment of PPH at various levels of the health care system.


In addition to our profile of work on medical abortion technology, Gynuity together with local collaborating institutions have undertaken the following activities: * Studies to explore innovations for the use of misoprostol to treat incomplete abortion. * A multi-country clinical trial to evaluate misoprostol for the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage; this study is also being conducted in Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Egypt and Turkey. * A multi-country study in collaboration with the World Health Organization to evaluate misoprostol as an adjunct treatment for postpartum hemorrhage along with oxytocin. The project is also being implemented in Argentina, Egypt, South Africa, and Thailand.

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