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19th Annual Mifepristone Medical Abortion Meeting

New York, NY, June 5-6

Over 125 clinicians, researchers, donors, reproductive health advocates, and pharmaceutical representatives gathered this June for Gynuity’s 19th annual mifepristone medical abortion meeting, “Mifepristone Medical Abortion: Pills on the Move.” Participants heard updates about new science and programs designed to expand access to mifepristone from domestic and international colleagues. During small breakout groups, participants joined colleagues for in-depth conversations about Rh immunoglobulin provision, recent developments in increasing access to mifepristone medical abortion in Latin America, medical abortion in the second trimester, information and education needed by people who self-source medical abortion, and different telemedicine models for provision of medical abortion. The second day of the meeting featured panels and talks that explored issues related to the expansive potential of remote provision of medical abortion. A service delivery panel looked at existing and emerging programs that use innovative technologies to reach people in settings where abortion is difficult to access. A clinical issues panel discussed research that may help advocate for more autonomous abortion. Finally, a panel on legal issues explored legal risks to people that self-source abortion pills and strategies to protect them. Thank you to our friends and colleagues for another inspiring meeting!