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XXII Congreso Latinoamericano de Ginecologia y Obstetricia (FLASOG)

Cancun, Mexico, November 5-9, 2017

At the regional FLASOG Congress, jointly organized with FEMECOG, in Mexico, Gynuity together with FIGO co-hosted a panel session to share new evidence on strategies for the management of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).  A presentation by Gynuity featured a review of evidence on the secondary prevention model of care that offers misoprostol to women with above-average bleeding after birth and highlighted FIGO’s new recommendations on misoprostol that support its use for this additional indication. Two panelists from Argentina also shared results from recently completed studies in Latin America – one on the route of oxytocin and its impact on reducing blood loss after birth and another on the role of shock index as an additional clinical indicator of PPH that may help to improve recognition of severe bleeding. The panel concluded with a presentation given by World Health Organization (WHO) on their newly released recommendations on the use of tranexamic acid for treatment of PPH; the same presentation also previewed ideas under discussion by WHO and colleagues on the potential for bundles of PPH care (i.e. packages of interventions) for more effective management. The 90-minute panel session generated significant interest with approximately 500 audience members in attendance.     

Additional presentations were given by Gynuity and colleagues at the conference, including during a pre-congress seminar entitled “Reproductive and Sexual Rights in Latin America” to share information on the advantages of using mifepristone with misoprostol for uterine evacuation and on the importance for task-sharing and optimizing roles in reproductive and maternal health.