Gynuity Health Projects



Unintended pregnancy reflects barriers to contraceptive access and use as well as dissatisfaction with currently available contraceptive options. Despite the family planning revolution that began with the contraceptive pill half a century ago, more than 200 million women in low-resource settings rely on traditional methods or do not use contraception at all. For contraceptive uptake to increase, an extensive range of contraceptive products must be widely available at low or no cost to address the complex family planning needs of women in under-resourced parts of the world.

Through our work in this area, we will explore innovative uses and delivery of existing contraceptive technologies. By thinking about current contraceptive methods in new ways, such as adapting the use of already approved and established products, we may be able to shorten or even bypass the long clinical development and regulatory pathway which is required for all new pharmaceutical products.

Gynuity Activities
  • Evaluate the feasibility of developing an “on-demand” oral contraceptive pill that can be taken before or after sex up to several times per month.