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Misoprostol Alone Regimens for Early Termination of Pregnancy

A wealth of evidence in the scientific literature indicates that misoprostol alone can be used safely and effectively for early pregnancy termination. However, no formal drug development strategy or authoritative advice on appropriate regimens existed for use of misoprostol for this indication.

To address the need for clinical guidelines for early abortion with misoprostol alone, Gynuity and the Reproductive Health Technologies Project convened a small expert meeting in July 2003 to review the medical literature, discuss the clinical aspects of various regimens, and agree on clinical advice for use of misoprostol for this indication. That advice can be found in a brochure entitled “Instructions for Use: Abortion Induction with Misoprostol in Pregnancies through 9 Weeks LMP.”

Gynuity also conducts clinical research to help refine misoprostol alone regimens for early pregnancy termination with the goal of increasing efficacy and acceptability, and reducing side effects and costs associated with provision of this method.