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Pain Management in Early Medical Abortion

Although pain is a principal reason that women give for dissatisfaction with medical abortion, evidence about methods to control pain in this procedure is surprisingly scant. Because this pain can have a rapid progression, initiating analgesia before the onset of pain may produce a more satisfactory result than waiting until the pain occurs.

Gynuity is conducting a randomized trial to compare two regimens of ibuprofen: a treatment regimen consisting of ibuprofen as needed for pain, and a prophylactic, “around-the-clock” regimen that is starting 1 hour before the misoprostol dose, then four times a day for at least 2 days regardless of pain. The study will include 250 women undergoing first trimester abortion at two large abortion facilities, Family Planning Associates Medical Group (Chicago, IL) and Planned Parenthood of New York City. The study outcomes will include amount of pain experienced, total amount of ibuprofen taken, use of other analgesics, vaginal bleeding, adverse events, successful completion of abortion, and overall satisfaction with the abortion procedure.

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