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Woman-controlled Products for Vaginal Health

Natural fluctuations in hormones during the menstrual cycle result in a thickened vaginal epithelium in the follicular phase that thins during the progesterone-dominant luteal phase. The thinner epithelium is a less effective barrier and could possibly render the reproductive tract more vulnerable to pathogens. In a Phase I randomized controlled trial in the US, Gynuity investigated the delivery of an estrogen gel to the vaginal mucosa as a means of thickening the vaginal epithelium to enhance natural protections against pathogens and maintenance of beneficial vaginal flora. The study results point to a potential role for estrogen in promoting a healthy vaginal environment. Gynuity continues to explore the science behind this approach, as well as ways to improve practical and effective use of such products. In a world that still has no effective, widely available woman-controlled means of preventing STIs, including HIV, this innovative approach may contribute to efforts that enable women to protect their reproductive health.

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