Gynuity Health Projects


Preeclampsia and eclampsia are serious conditions unique to pregnancy and the post-partum period, most often characterized by a rapid rise in blood pressure. If not diagnosed and treated promptly, they can lead to seizure, stroke, organ failure, and death of the mother and/or baby. In the developed world, maternal death from preeclampsia and eclampsia is rare; however, they are leading causes of maternal and infant death globally, resulting in 40,000–80,000 deaths worldwide each year.

In the developing world, treating preeclampsia and eclampsia presents many challenges. Gynuity’s primary goal is to increase access to evidence-based treatment for preeclampsia and eclampsia, especially in low-resource settings, and in so doing, reduce maternal and infant mortality and improve the quality of care available to women around the world.

Gynuity Activities

Gynuity’s activities in this area are intended to improve the quality of care for women with preeclampsia and eclampsia. Enhanced access to potentially lifesaving interventions during pregnancy and delivery in low-resource settings are the goals of the following activities currently pursued by Gynuity and its partners:

  • Administration of magnesium sulfate for eclamspia/preeclampsia using an inexpensive flow-controlled pump;
  • Improved management of hypertension in pregnancy using oral drug regimens; and
  • Determination of the risks and benefits of oral misoprostol tablets and transcervical Foley catheters as two potential low-cost methods to induce labor when indicated in preeclampsia/eclampsia.