This review examined 30 studies involving women with haemorrhage, 5 of which focused on pregnancy-related haemorrhage, to see if there was a relationship between blood loss and clinical signs that could be used as triggers for clinical interventions. The authors found that there was considerable variability in this relationship. While there was a significant relationship between shock index and blood loss, it is difficult to establish specific cut-off points for other factors to indicate clinical intervention. Further research on the role of the shock index in obstetrics is needed.

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Jan. 2016
Staff Publication
Postpartum Hemorrhage
Blum, Jennifer, Durocher, Jill, Winikoff, Beverly, Pacagnella, R.C., Souza, J.P., Durocher, J., Perel, P., Blum, J., Winikoff, B,, G├╝lmezoglu, A.M.


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