This article describes the results of a clinical trial seeking to evaluate the use of misoprostol compared to standard oxytocics for treatment of postpartum hemorrhage in women receiving prophylactic oxytocin during labor. The results demonstrate that misoprostol is clinically equivalent to oxytocin when used to stop excessive post-partum bleeding suspected to be due to uterine atony under these circumstances.

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Jan. 2010
Staff Publication
Postpartum Hemorrhage
Blum, Jennifer, Dabash, Rasha, Diop, Ayisha, Durocher, Jill, Dzuba, Ilana, Raghavan, Sheila, Winikoff, Beverly, Blum, J., Winikoff, B., Raghavan, R., Dabash, R., Cherine Ramadan, M., Dilbaz, B., Dao, B., Durocher, J., Yalvac, S., Diop, A., Dzuba, I.G., Ngoc, N.T.N


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