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Misoprostol and Teratogenicity: Reviewing the Evidence

Route of Misoprostol Administration

Misoprostol: A New Addition to Post Abortion Care

Misoprostol for Early Abortion

Map of Mifepristone Approvals

List of Mifepristone Approvals

Map of Misoprostol Approvals

Medical Abortion Guidebook


Misoprostol for Incomplete Abortion and Miscarriage

Relationship of Hormonal Contraception to HIV

FAQs on Fatal Infection and Medical Abortion - Summary

Improving Current Therapies and Exploring New Options in Abortifacient Technology

Postpartum Hemorrhage: A Challenge for Safe Motherhood

Outlook Newsletter on Hormonal Contraception and HIV

PAC in Action Newsletter: Special Issue on Misoprostol in the PAC Context

Issue Brief on Hormonal Contraception and HIV

FAQ on Hormonal Contraception and HIV

FAQs on Fatal Infection and Medical Abortion - Technical Version

Misoprostol for prevention of postpartum hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage

Medical Abortion Program Brief

Choices for Medical Abortion Introduction in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru

Materials Development Activities Brief

Technical Assistance Activities Brief

Training and Education Activities Brief

Infectious Disease Program Brief

Blood Loss After Vaginal Delivery

Pregnancy Failure and Miscarriage Program Brief

Policy and Advocacy Activities Brief

Social Science Research Activities Brief

Misoprostol for the Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage: Findings from Clinical Research Trials

Fever after treatment of postpartum hemorrhage

Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa

Expanding Choice in Abortion Services in Armenia

Misoprostol for the Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage: Findings from Research in Pakistan

Guidebook on Misoprostol for Treatment of Incomplete Abortion

Misoprostol, Abortion, and the Law

Home administration of misoprostol for early medical abortion in India

Abortion With Self-Administered Misoprostol: A Guide For Women

Misoprostol for Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum hemorrhage: Moving from Research to Reality