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Innovative research at the 2016 National Abortion Federation Annual Meeting: continuously improving abortion care

In April of this year, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) held our 40th Annual Meeting, which brought together researchers, clinicians, administrators, counselors, advocates and students to share the latest research in abortion care. As the professional association of abortion providers, NAF is committed to disseminating research results to improve abortion care for women globally. NAF’s Annual Meeting is a remarkable opportunity for researchers to present their findings directly to the clinicians and others who will implement those results.

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  • Topic: Medical Abortion
  • Type: Staff Publication
  • Author: Reeves, M.F., Blumenthal, P.D., Jones, R.K., Nichols, M.D., Shumaker, H., Saporta, V.A.
  • Published: May 2016