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Magnesium sulphate for prevention of eclampsia: are intramuscular and intravenous regimens equivalent? A population pharmacokinetic study.

Magnesium sulphate has been shown to treat maternal seizures associated with eclampsia with greater efficacy and fewer complications than other drugs. However, the ideal dosage and route of administration have yet to be determined. This pharmacokinetic study sought to compare magnesium sulphate concentrations achieved by intramuscular and intravenous regimens. The results of the study indicated that the intramuscular regimen produced higher initial serum concentrationsconsistent with a substantially larger loading dose. Therefore, a larger loading dose for the intravenous regimen should be considered as lower dose magnesium sulphate regimens may not be clinically effective.

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  • Topic: Preeclampsia
  • Type: Staff Publication
  • Author: Salinger, D.H., Mundle, S., Regi, A., Bracken, H., Winikoff, B., Vicini, P., Easterling, T.
  • Published: June 2013