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Outpatient medical abortion is safe and effective through 70 days gestation

Data show that an outpatient regimen of 200-mg mifepristone followed by a single dose of misoprostol is safe and effective for medical abortion for up to 70 days from last menstrual period (LMP). However, many clinics only provide services up to 63 days LMP, and some practice guidelines do not recommend the higher gestational age limit. Updating clinical protocols and revising the Food and Drug administration label for Mifeprex® to change the indication for termination of pregnancies through 70 days LMP will give women more choices and expand access to safe abortion services. Revising the mifepristone label would protect women against antiabortion legislation that requires adherence to an outdated FDA label, and potentially expand access by encouraging the 30% of U.S. physicians who currently do not provide abortions beyond 9 weeks to serve women in later gestation.

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