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Medication abortion applying routine sequential measurements of serum hCG and sonography only when indicated

This article describes a study designed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of providing medication abortion in a primary care site without routine use of pre- and postprocedure transvaginal sonography. We performed a retrospective record review of 172 consecutive patients choosing medication abortion at our clinic. Our protocol used sonography only as needed for specific indications. All patients were intended to be followed up with serum human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) testing pre- and posttreatment. Results indicate that using a clinical protocol that involves obtaining pre- and posttreatment serum hCG measurements, with sonograms only when indicated, has similar outcomes to a protocol that uses mandatory pre- and posttreatment sonograms

Access the full abstract of this article at Contraception (Feb 2007), 75(2):131-5.