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Misoprostol for Incomplete Abortion and Miscarriage

PAC in Action Newsletter: Special Issue on Misoprostol PAC Context

FAQs on Fatal Infection and Medical Abortion Technical Version

FAQs on Fatal Infection and Medical Abortion Summary

Route of Misoprostol Administration

Medical Abortion Program Brief

Preeclampsia Program Brief

Policy and Advocacy Activities Brief

Materials Development Activities Brief

Social Science Research Activities Brief

Technical Assistance Activities Brief

Training and Education Activities Brief

Misoprostol and Teratogenicity: Reviewing the Evidence

Postpartum Hemorrhage: A Challenge for Safe Motherhood

Medical Abortion in the U.S.: Mifepristone Fact Sheet

Map of Mifepristone Approval

Misoprostol: A New Addition to Post Abortion Care

Relationship of Hormonal Contraception to HIV

FAQ on Hormonal Contraception and HIV

Issue Brief on Hormonal Contraception and HIV

Outlook Newsletter on Hormonal Contraception and HIV

Misoprostol for Women’s Health

Infectious Disease Program Brief

Fever after treatment of postpartum hemorrhage

Pregnancy Failure and Miscarriage Program Brief

Blood Loss After Vaginal Delivery

Misoprostol for Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa

Choices for Medical Abortion Introduction in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru

Improving Current Therapies & Exploring New Options Abortifacient Tech

Expanding Choice in Abortion Services in Armenia

Map of Misoprostol Approval

WHO Model List of Essential Medicines Treatment of Incomplete Abortion_en

misoprostol for the prevention of pph

Misoprostol for the Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage: Findings from Clinical Research Trials

Guidebook on Misoprostol for Treatment of Incomplete Abortion

Annotated Bibliography - Mifepristone Medical Abortion


Annotated Bibliography - Misoprostol for Early Abortion


Misoprostol, Abortion, and the Law

ICMA Third International Conference

Unsafe Abortion and Strategies to Reduce its Impact on Women’s Lives

Misoprostol: adjunct treatment to standard uterotonics for treatment of PPH_en

Sublingual misoprostol vs oxytocin in women not exposed to oxytocin during labor

Sublingual miso vs oxytocin in women receiving prophylactic oxytocin_en

Abortion With Self-Administered Misoprostol: A Guide For Women

Misoprostol for Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Postpartum Hemorrhage: moving from research to reality

The Product Problem: Pathways for Making Misoprostol Available for Postpartum Hemorrhage

Abortion: What is the problem?

Misoprostol for prevention and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage: What do we know? What is next?

Misoprostol as first-line treatment for incomplete abortion in Nigeria

Use of Medicines Changing the Face of Abortion

Oral misoprostol as first-line care for incomplete abortion in Burkina Faso

Misoprostol for Treatment of Incomplete Abortion: A Training guide

Treatment approaches for preeclampsia in low-resource settings

Sublingual Misoprostol for the Treatment of Postpartum Hemorrhage

Institutional brochure-en

Misoprostol for Early Abortion

Mife plus miso or miso-alone for abortion induction in pregnancies 12-24 weeks’ LMP-en

Mife plus miso or miso-alone for treatment of intrauterine fetal death 12-24 weeks’ LMP-en

FAQ on Misoprostol Detection in Blood

Medical abortion work in Eastern Europe/Central Asia

Self-Administration of Misoprostol for Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH)

List of Mifepristone Approval

Misoprostol added to the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines for the Treatment of PPH


Misoprostol for Primary vs. Secondary PPH

If we can do it for misoprostol, why not for mifepristone? The case for taking mifepristone out of t

Contraception Program Brief

Strategies to prevent postpartum hemorrhage at the community level

Postpartum hemorrhage


Use of multilevel pregnancy tests (MLPTS) for medical abortion follow-up

Revised And Expanded Guidance On Misoprostol-only Recommended Regimens_en

Improving Care at Delivery for Women with Preeclampsia: Comparing the Foley Balloon Catheter with Or

Postpartum Hemorrhage Prevention in Nepal: a program assessment

Intravenous Versus Intramuscular Oxytocin for the Prevention of PPH_en

Secondary Prevention/Early Treatment of PPH

Expanding Uterotonic Coverage for Postpartum Hemorrhage Prevention in Rural Senegal