2021 Annual Report

Vision, Mission, & Approach

© Karl Magnuson on Unsplash

Gynuity Health Projects is a 501c3 non-profit organization. For nearly two decades we have devoted ourselves to making abortion, contraception, pregnancy and childbirth safer and more compatible with individual choices and desire for autonomy.


A world in which each individual has access to safe and effective reproductive and maternal health care—delivered where, when, and how needed.


To develop and advocate for the use of scientific, clinical and programmatic evidence in reproductive and maternal health, assuring that each individual benefits from the fruits of medical science and technology.


We take an evidence-based approach to drive change in policy and practice worldwide. We challenge the status quo and do not shy away from taking risks in all areas of our work, including what topics we study, who we collaborate with, and where we work.

  • Each project we develop starts with practical questions and involves conversations with women, providers and policymakers to help us understand shortfalls in health care.
  • We then design studies and harness the power of collaborative research to evaluate simple, affordable technologies and person-centered models of care.
  • We publish our research findings in scientific journals and work with a host of actors to create a path for more effective, more efficient and, ultimately, better services.