Photo by Daniel H. Tong on Unsplash

21st Annual Mifepristone Medical Abortion Meeting

June 17th, 2019

New York, NY, June 17

Nearly 100 members of the reproductive healthcare world including researchers, reproductive health advocates, and pharmaceutical representatives gathered this June for Gynuity’s 21st Annual Mifepristone Medical Abortion Meeting, Pathways to access: creative solutions amid new challenges.

Participants engaged in discussions about expanding access to mifepristone medical abortion both domestically and internationally. During small breakout sessions, colleagues discussed global legal update, simplifying 2nd trimester care, new findings on medical abortion in Africa, and expanding mifepristone indications. Additional panels included discussions on offering medical and procedural abortion and the ethics of method choice, as well as telemedicine abortion and the potential for expanding such internationally.

Thank you to our friends and colleagues for participating in another constructive and motivating meeting!