Fourth International Congress on Women’s Health and Unsafe Abortion,February 19-22, 2019

February 20th, 2019
Bangkok, Thailand

Beverly Winikoff, President of Gynuity Health Projects, will be attending the International Congress on Women’s Health and Unsafe Abortion in Bangkok where she will be giving a talk on what’s new in abortion care as part of a symposium on the way forward in abortion care.

The Way Forward in Abortion Care
Wednesday, February 20th | 10:30am-12:30pm
Chair: Ann Furedi
1. When Values Collide, Ann Furedi
2. The Power of Abortion Pills, Rebecca Gomperts
3. What’s New in Abortion Care?, Beverly Winikoff
4. From Very Early to Much Later Medical Abortion, Kristina Gemzell-Danielsson

The four-day IWAC2019 conference, ‘Universal Access to Safe Abortion: We Trust Women’, takes place in Bangkok, Thailand, from February 19th - 22nd. Consult the program here.