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WEBINAR Letrozole: Alternative Combination Regimen for Early Medication Abortion. Challenges and Opportunities in Latin America

May 18th, 2022

This webinar was hosted by the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) in collaboration with the Latin American Consortium against Unsafe Abortion (CLACAI). It was held in Spanish, with no interpretation. Credit to RHSC for granting permission to use their recording of the webinar

Wednesday, May 18th, 2022
10am Central Time, Bogotá/Panama | 11am Eastern Time | 12 noon, Buenos Aires


The updated consolidated guideline on abortion care was released in March 2022 by the World Health Organization. For the first time, it suggests a combination regimen of letrozole plus misoprostol as an alternative method of early medication abortion for use in settings where mifepristone is not available.

Join experts to hear more about letrozole. Senior representatives from Gynuity Health Projects and Ipas will provide important insights on letrozole, including the limited evidence on its use for first trimester abortion, its availability and cost in parts of Latin America where abortion is legally permitted, and implications for abortion care.


Guillermo Antonio Ortiz Avendaño | Senior Medical Advisor | Ipas
Ilana Dzuba | Senior Director | Gynuity Health Projects
Tara Shochet |Director | Gynuity Health Projects

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Novedades en el Abordaje del Aborto Seguro
Letrozol: Desafíos y Oportunidades en la Región de América Latina

Miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2022
10am, hora de Bogotá/Panamá | 12 mediodía, hora de Buenos Aires


Los nuevos lineamientos sobre la atención para el aborto recientemente publicado por la OMS incluyen por primera vez un esquema de letrozol y misoprostol como una alternativa medicamentosa en el primer trimestre del embarazo donde no se dispone de la mifepristona.

El propósito de este webinario es difundir información sobre letrozol, la evidencia limitada sobre su uso para aborto en el primer trimestre, su disponibilidad y costo en algunos países de América Latina donde existe legislación de aborto no punible, y las implicaciones para la atención del aborto.


Guillermo Antonio Ortiz Avendaño | Ginecólogo y Obstetra | Ipas
Ilana Dzuba | Directora Senior | Gynuity Health Projects
Tara Shochet
|Directora | Gynuity Health Projects

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