Photo by Daniel H. Tong on Unsplash

NAF annual meeting

April 23rd, 2018

At the 2018 National Abortion Federation (NAF) annual meeting, Ilana Dzuba (Gynuity) and Mariana Romero (NAF & CEDES) organized and moderated the Jorge Villarreal International Plenary, "Legal Abortion for the First Time in 28 Years: Translating Law into High-Quality Services", to highlight issues around access to legal abortion care in Chile following the decriminalization of abortion in specific circumstances in 2017. Panelists included:

Dr. Carolina Asela, formerly of the Chilean Ministry of Health
Dr. Gonzalo Rubio Schweitzer, Hospital San José/Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Débora Solís Martínez, (APROFA)
Carolina Posada (IPPF/WHR)

In addition, Gynuity's Senior Medical Associate, Elizabeth Raymond, gave presentations on Gynuity's TelAbortion project:

Presentation: “Telemedicine abortion: The U.S. experience,” by Elizabeth Raymond, as part of the panel “Telemedicine and Medical Abortion,” during the Canadian Providers Meeting

Presentation: “A direct-to-patient telemedicine abortion service in Australia: Retrospective analysis of the first 18 months,” by Elizabeth Raymond, Scientific Papers session

Presentation: “The TelAbortion Study,” by Elizabeth Raymond, as part of the panel “Building bridges, not walls: Ensuring access to abortion through innovation and collaboration”

And the following posters were presented by Gynuity staff:

Poster: Paving the way for pharmacy distribution: Assessing whether women undergoing medical abortion can independently use and interpret the results of multi-level pregnancy tests
Louie, K., Platais, I., Tsereteli, T., Tsertsvadze, G., Gabaidze, T., Vardanyan, S., Abrahamyan, R., Grigoryan, G., Grebennikova, G., Chong, E.

Poster: Incorporating multi-level pregnancy tests into a telemedicine abortion service to improve women’s assessments of abortion outcomes
Chong, E., Sheldon, W.R., Lopez-Green, D., Gulías Ogando, M., Hernandez, B., Blum, J.

Poster: Is there a role for medical menstrual regulation in the U.S.? Assessing potential interest among women in New Jersey and Michigan
Sheldon, W.R., Tarnagada, M., Talmont, E., Harris, L.H., Starr, K.A., Winikoff, B.

Poster: A survey study exploring FDA REMS-related barriers to the provision of medical abortion
Louie, K., Chong, E., Raymond, E., Winikoff, B.