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The correlation of postpartum blood loss and poor clinical outcomes

Durchorer Plos One Oct 19 Hires

Our team conducted a secondary analysis of data from hospital and community deliveries on measured blood loss and hemoglobin outcomes to understand the relationship between postpartum bleeding and anemia after vaginal birth, including fall in hemoglobin pre- to post-delivery. We found that postpartum anemia and large declines in pre- to post-delivery hemoglobin did not occur with frequency until blood loss was severe (i.e. ≥ 1000 ml). The common PPH definition based on blood loss ≥ 500 ml was not a good indicator of poor clinical outcomes as measured by drop in hemoglobin and postpartum anemia. Future research on postpartum hemorrhage should prioritize evaluation of outcomes, such as blood loss ≥ 1000 ml, that are better indicators of poor clinical outcome. Read the full article at PLOS One.