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41st Annual National Abortion Federation Meeting

Montréal, Québec
April 22–25

Gynuity staff presented some of our latest findings at the annual NAF meeting in Montreal. Congratulations to Wendy Sheldon who won the oral presentation award for presenting the results of a study conducted in Ecuador and Bolivia that compared two routes of misoprostol administration for medical abortion!

Below is a list of Gynuity staff contributions to the meeting:

At the social scientists’ research meeting, there was a panel on “DIY abortion: Self-sourcing mifepristone and misoprostol from the internet.” Beverly Winikoff moderated, Elizabeth Raymond presented on the medical risks of self-sourcing, and Chloe Murtagh presented on the legitimacy and feasibility of purchasing medications from online pharmacies.

“Reaching women in their homes: The TelAbortion Study,” presented by Elizabeth Raymond, as part of the “Revolutionizing Abortion Care through Telemedicine” Workshop.

Beverly Winikoff presented on the panel “Mife’s Sweet Sixteen: Revolutionizing Access.”

“A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Repeat Doses of 400 mcg Sublingual to Buccal Misoprostol After Mifepristone for Termination of Pregnancy 13-21 weeks,” presented by Rasha Dabash

“Buccal Versus Sublingual Misoprostol Alone for Early Pregnancy Termination in Two Latin American Settings: A Randomized Trial,” presented by Wendy Sheldon

“Use of an At-Home Multilevel Pregnancy Test and an Automated Telephone System to Simplify Medical Abortion Follow-Up,” presented by Holly Anger

“Self-Assessment of Medical Abortion Outcome Using Serial Multilevel Pregnancy Test,” poster presented by Elizabeth Raymond

“A survey study of marijuana use for managing pain and other symptoms during first trimester medical abortion,” poster presented by Philicia Castillo

“Simplified Medical Abortion Screening: A Pilot Study,” poster presented by Elizabeth Raymond

“Does a repeat dose of 800 mcg misoprostol following mifepristone improve outcomes in the later first trimester? A retrospective chart review in Mexico City,” poster presented by Philicia Castillo