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Dr. Beth Raymond wins Scientific Paper Award at NAF Annual Meeting

In her prize winning presentation, Dr. Raymond presented a recent RCT that sought to assess the effects of inserting etonogestrel implants on the same day as mifepristone administration in women undergoing medical abortion. The study was initiated to investigate concerns that the implant's hormones might negatively impact the medical abortion process.

The researchers found that concurrent administration did not impact the efficacy of the medical abortion regimen nor did it cause any adverse outcomes. Further, women preferred to have the implant inserted at the mifepristone visit.

Medical abortion outcomes following quickstart of contraceptive implants
E.G. Raymond, M.A. Weaver, Y.L. Tan,K.S. Louie,M. Bousiéguez, P. Sanhueza, C. Kaplan, S. Sonalkar, A.B. Goldberg, K.R. Culwell, L. Memmel, R. Jamshidi