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Launch of a New Website on Period Pills

A new website on period pills has been launched. The website is designed to help make access to pills that bring on menses a reality in the United States.

Also called “missed” or “late” period pills, Period Pills are medications an individual can take if their period is late and they suspect that they are pregnant when they don’t want to be.

Medications that induce menstrual bleeding or early pregnancy loss have been used safely and successfully in multiple settings for many years. Research clearly shows that these medicines – misoprostol alone or with mifepristone – can be used when menses are just days late to induce cramping and bleeding, and to end a pregnancy that may be beginning.

These medicines give people new options to ensure they are not pregnant when their period is late – without needing to test for pregnancy first. Instead, people can choose – if they so desire – to bring on a late period at home to ensure a state of non-pregnancy.

Studies on Missed Period Pills by Gynuity Health Projects

Published results from a Gynuity study exploring potential interest in missed period pills showed that demand for this option in the U.S. might be substantial and wide-ranging across demographic groups.

In order to generate the evidence needed to effect policy and support the registration of a dedicated pharmaceutical product, Gynuity was conducting clinical studies in the U.S. and Mexico on two possible regimens for treatment of missed menses.

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