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Newsletter: Vol. 2, No. 3, December 2018

Gynuity turned 15 this year! We began in 2003 with a small team willing to challenge the status quo, and that same spirit lives on today in our two dozen staff and consultants who have stayed true to our original vision. We are proud of the contributions our small organization has made in improving access to reproductive and maternal health care in the U.S. and in the many other countries where we have worked. In this issue’s Spotlight on…, we look back over our first 15 years, highlighting just a few of our achievements thanks to active collaborations with partners worldwide and the generous support of our funders.

We have learned that change is possible, but we also know that even more is needed for each individual to have access to high quality reproductive and maternal health services – delivered where, when, and how needed. Over the last year, we have developed a Strategic Plan that sets out our priorities through 2023, defines the core approaches to our work, and outlines how we plan to make contraception, abortion, pregnancy and childbirth safer and more compatible with individual choices.

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