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Newsletter: Vol. 5, No. 4, November 2021

This fall, the United States witnessed an assault on reproductive rights when a near-total ban on abortion came into force in Texas. The Texas law, S.B. 8, severely limits an individual's ability to access safe and legal abortion and obliges many abortion-seekers to travel out of state for the procedure. People who already face discriminatory barriers to health care will be most acutely hit. The travel costs, loss of wages and care responsibilities involved in travelling long distances for essential abortion services can be a substantial hardship. Over a third of qualifying participants who chose to receive abortion pills by mail in our U.S. TelAbortion study lived 150 miles or farther from their clinic site.

For almost two decades, Gynuity Health Projects has invested in evaluating and promoting streamlined approaches to medical abortion care to meet the needs of the consumer. We stand united with colleagues and allies who are challenging attempts by states, including Texas and Mississippi, to roll back abortion access in the U.S.

Today is “Giving Tuesday”, a chance to donate to the causes you believe in. We invite you to support Gynuity Health Projects on this day of global giving. Your contribution can help us promote easier access to medical abortion in U.S. states and in other countries where abortion is restricted; simplify medical abortion screening and follow-up; and, reduce disparities in access to new models of medical abortion care. Join us to improve access for people who need abortion: Donate Now

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