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NPR’s Invisibilia Podcast Series Explores the Concept of Period Pills

In the most recent episode of an NPR podcast series, the Invisibilia team bring expert insight into the concept of period pills—medications that induce menstrual bleeding or early pregnancy loss. This option ensures non-pregnancy without first establishing whether or not a pregnancy exists and is formally promoted in some countries as a form of fertility control.

In “A Little Bit Pregnant”, Invisibilia explores whether the rebrand of a familiar pill could open up a new way to control fertility in a post-Roe America. It includes clips from an interview with senior consulting associate, Wendy Sheldon, who highlights Gynuity’s work in this area. Listen now.

Period pills are currently available by telemedicine in the following U.S. states: California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. To find out more, visit the National Working Group on Period Pills website

Additional Resource

Exploring Potential Interest in Missed Period Pills in Two U.S. States Sheldon et al. Contraception; 2020 Dec; 102(6):414-420; doi: 10.1016/j.contraception.2020.08.014

A study by Gynuity Health Projects exploring potential interest in period pills (also known as ‘lost’ or ‘missed’ period pills) shows that demand might be substantial and wide-ranging across demographic groups.

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