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Amicus Brief Filed in the U.S. Supreme Court on Behalf of Reproductive Health Researchers

More than 300 leading reproductive health researchers signed an amicus brief filed in the U.S. Supreme Court regarding a case concerning mifepristone, a highly effective and safe medication that has been available in the U.S. since 2000 and is most commonly known for its use in combination with misoprostol to cause abortion.

The group, which includes researchers from Gynuity Health Projects, shares a significant interest in evidence-based reproductive health and has published extensively on the topic of medication abortion.

Arguing in favor of the reversal of a lower court decision that would limit access to mifepristone nationwide, the brief cites published studies that support the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decisions to modify in 2016 and 2021 the drug’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (“REMS”) and labeling.

An analysis of the data by the regulatory agency led it to, among other things, lower the dosing regimen from 600 to 200 mg, extend the gestational age limit from 49 to 70 days, and, more recently, eliminate the in-person dispensing requirement, allowing abortion pills to be sent by mail, and expand the distribution to include dispensing on a prescription by certified pharmacies.

The evidence, the brief says, leaves no doubt as to the safety and effectiveness of mifepristone.

Studies conducted by Gynuity Health Projects and our fellow colleagues adhere to strict standards and the resulting papers are subject to a rigorous academic peer-review process before publication in reputable scientific journals.

Gynuity-led studies referenced in the brief include (in order of chronology):

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On March 26, 2024, the Supreme Court will hear simultaneous oral argument in Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine and Danco Laboratories v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine.

Read the amicus brief by UCLA Law Center on Reproductive Health, Law, and Policy.