Period Pills

Gynuity Health Projects is at the forefront of efforts to develop and advance “period pills” in the United States and other settings around the world. “Period pills” involve the use of uterine evacuation medications for treatment of delayed menses without prior pregnancy confirmation. The concept is similar to menstrual regulation, which is typically offered in legally restricted settings such as Bangladesh, to assure a state of non-pregnancy. In settings such as the U.S., where period pills are not currently marketed, their provision could expand choice and service options to people with late periods who do not want to be pregnant and prefer not to know their pregnancy status before taking medications to bring back their menses.

To date, our efforts to advance this concept have included research to assess potential interest in such an option in the U.S. and Senegal, establishment of the working group on period pills in the U.S., and clinical trials to assess the efficacy, safety, and acceptability of various medications for this purpose.