Jill Durocher

Comparison of regimens for home-based early medical abortion in Tunisia and Vietnam

June 29th, 2012
Staff Publication
Medical Abortion
Winikoff, Beverly, Blum, Jennifer, Conkling, Katie, Dabash, Rasha, Raghavan, Sheila, Ngoc, N.T.N., Chelli, H., Hajri, S.

This trial sought to evaluate the potential advantages of combined mifepristone–misoprostol versus misoprostol-only for earlymedical abortion. The study was double-blind randomized placebo controlled and enrolled 441 pregnant women (<63 days LMP). The mifepristone–misoprostol group (n=220) received 200 mg of mifepristone on day 1 and 800 μg buccal misoprostol followed by placebo 3 hours later on day 2. The misoprostol-only group (n=221) received placebo on day 1 and 1600 μg of misoprostol (2 doses of 800 μg, given 3 hours apart) on day 2. The results demonstrated that the combined regimen was significantly more effective than the misoprostol-only protocol for early medical abortion.

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