Jill Durocher

Assessment of pregnancy duration among termination of pregnancy clients in South Africa

May 1st, 2007
Staff Publication
Medical Abortion
Winikoff, Beverly, Blanchard, K., Cooper, D., Dickson, K., Cullingworth, L., Mavimbela, N., Mollendorf, C. Von., Bogaert, L.J. Van., Winikoff, B.

This article reports on a comparison of providers' and women's estimates of duration of pregnancy with ultrasound estimates for determining medical abortion eligibility. Results demonstrate that provider estimates of gestational age were sufficiently accurate for determining eligibility for medical abortion. LMP-based estimates were also accurate on average, but included more extreme differences from ultrasound estimates. Medical abortion could be provided in termination of pregnancy facilities without ultrasound or with ultrasound on referral.

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