Jill Durocher

Toolkit: What You Need to Know about Abortion Pill ‘Reversal’

January 1st, 2019
Gynuity Health Projects, Mifepristone Coalition

The idea that the effects of mifepristone—the first pill used in the two-drug medical abortion regimen—may be ‘reversed’ with the use of progesterone has been promoted by groups aiming to restrict access to abortion. However, there is no reliable research to prove that administration of progesterone can stop the effects of the abortion pill—no clinical trials, no objective or credible data. Despite a lack of evidence, some politicians are pushing laws that would force doctors to suggest unproven treatments to their patients and steer patients to websites and fake clinics that offer this course of “treatment.”

This toolkit reviews the facts around this issue and offers evidence-based information, action steps, tools and other resources to counter this misinformation campaign. Advocates and legislators may find this guide and associated tools helpful as they fight legislation based on unfounded ideological claims. Health care providers and frontline staff may find the fact sheets and resources useful as they provide supportive abortion care for their patients. Patients will find evidence-based information about the abortion pill and their options should they wish to try to continue their pregnancy after using mifepristone.