Jill Durocher

Guidance for Providers Offering Misoprostol-Alone for Abortion Amidst COVID-19

July 8th, 2020
Clinical Guidelines
Medical Abortion
Gynuity Health Projects, CEDES

In response to an outspoken need around the world, Gynuity Health Projects and CEDES, in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières, ASAP, CLACAI, REDAAS and Women Help Women, have developed a resource for providers who have access to misoprostol to ensure that safe medical abortion can still be offered during the COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with social distancing practices. The guidance reviews the steps of providing misoprostol medical abortion and makes evidence-based recommendations for limiting contact and reducing in-person visits.

The guidance is available in a mobile-optimized format for viewing on a mobile phone or tablet, as well as in a more traditionally-sized printable format.

It is currently available in English and Spanish and will also be available in French, Russian and Arabic.