Jill Durocher

Medical Abortion Guidebook

This tool was developed for health care providers and policy makers who are interested in introduction of medical methods for safe termination of early pregnancy. It describes evidence-based regimens and practical considerations for introducing the method as part of abortion care, especially as related to low-resource settings. The availability and use of medical abortion has increased rapidly since the publication of the first edition of this guidebook in 2004. We wrote the second edition of Providing Medical Abortion in Developing Countries: An Introductory Guidebook to incorporate important scientific developments and innovations in clinical practice. These changes have informed the emergence of protocols that can be used in a variety of low-resource settings worldwide. The new title Providing Medical Abortion in Low-Resource Settings reflects these broader applications. The guidebook follows the same chapter and topic sequence as the first edition. The second edition includes updated information on routes of misoprostol administration, infection and medical abortion, use of medical abortion for late first trimester abortion induction, telemedicine and medical abortion, professional and international clinical guidelines for use of mifepristone-misoprostol medical abortion, and a list of additional resources now available. Please note that the 2nd edition of this resource in PDF was produced in Arabic, English, French, Indonesia, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, and Vietnamese. The 1st edition of this resource is still available in Romanian from the drop-down menu. We are also pleased to announce that this resource is now available to view in E-pub format in English from the drop-down menu.