Jill Durocher

Mifepristone's Multiple Reproductive Health Indications

September 23rd, 2019
Program Brief
Medication Abortion
Gynuity Health Projects

Mifepristone's Multiple Reproductive Health Indications: An Overlooked Opportunity for Expanding Access

A brief, available in English and Spanish, providing the reasoning for why exploring alternative indications of mifepristone might be a good strategy to increase access. Contains an overview of four indications: early pregnancy loss, intrauterine fetal death, second trimester abortion, and cervical preparation. Date of publication: 2019.

Registering Mifepristone for Indications Other Than First Trimester Abortion: A Landscape Analysis Report

A report, available in English, analyzing the registration and marketing feasibility for alternative mifepristone indications in six countries with limited abortion availability (legal and otherwise), global representation, and some of which had a sizeable potential market share. The goal of this landscape analysis was to identify the indication(s) with the greatest promise for registration and recommendations for what steps would help to move registration forward successfully as well as ensure availability and use post-approval. This analysis was conducted with funds from the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition. Date of publication: 2019.