Jill Durocher

Misoprostol: An Emerging Technology for Women's Health

June 2nd, 2004
Meeting Report
Winikoff, B., Shannon, C., Population Council.

The meeting summarized in this report was organized in 2001 because up until that point a large body of scientific work supporting the use of misoprostol for a range of reproductive and maternal health indications had not been synthesized in an accessible way. As a result, there had been no consensus on the use of misoprostol for women’s health and no strategic agenda for continuing development of the technology. Meeting participants agreed that a major priority for research and policy is creation of a solid clinical science base for all women’s health problems for which misoprostol is effective. Providers must be trained, guidelines created and women educated so that the use of the drug is safe and effective. Finally, a broader policy strategy is necessary to support program development in identified priority areas.