Jill Durocher

Misoprostol to Treat Missed Abortion in the First Trimester

October 25th, 2007
Pregnancy Failure and Miscarriage
Gemzell-Danielsson, K., Ho, P.C., Gómez Ponce de León, R., Weeks, A., Winikoff, B.

Int J Gynaecol Obstet; October 25, 2007;

Missed abortion in the first trimester is characterized by the arrest of embryonic or fetal development. The cervix is closed and there is no or only slight bleeding. Ultrasound examination shows an empty gestational sac or an embryo/fetus without cardiac activity. Based on a review of the published literature a single dose of 800 μg vaginal misoprostol may be offered as an effective, safe, and acceptable alternative to the traditional surgical treatment for this indication. Alternatively, 600 μg misoprostol can be administered sublingually.