Jill Durocher

Multi-level pregnancy test use for medical abortion follow-up after 63 days’ gestation: Evidence from prenatal hCG data

May 26th, 2020
Staff Publication
Medical Abortion
Winikoff, B., Shochet, T., Blumenthal, P.D., Blum, J., Lerma, K.

Contraception; Accepted 17 May 2020, Available online 26 May 2020; doi:

Objective: To explore hCG patterns using multi-level urine pregnancy tests (MLPTs) among prenatal clients to evaluate the potential use of these tests for medical abortion follow-up after 63 days’ gestation.

Study design: Prenatal clients with gestations 9–12 weeks were asked to administer an MLPT weekly for three weeks. We evaluated change in hCG range over one- and two-week intervals.

Results: Our analysis included 121 clients. Over one-week intervals, 26.5–43.1% of participants had a drop in hCG range. The proportion with a decline after two-weeks was 42.0–48.3%.

Conclusion: This follow-up strategy would not work in gestations beyond 63 days.