Jill Durocher

Results of Trial on Labour Induction Reported in MHTF Blog - Gynuity Health Projects

August 29th, 2017
Waite, C., Bracken, H.

What Is the Most Effective, Low-Cost Method for Inducing Labor in Women With Preeclampsia?

A group of researchers from the University of Liverpool, Gynuity Health Projects and the Government Medical College, Nagpur designed a randomized controlled trial to compare directly the efficacy, safety and acceptability of two labor induction methods used in women with preeclampsia or high blood pressure. The two methods, oral misoprostol and the foley balloon catheter, are recommended by the WHO for use in low-resource settings. This study, called the INFORM trial, was conducted in two high-volume public hospitals in Nagpur, India. The results demonstrated that low-dose oral misoprostol was more effective than a Foley balloon catheter for inducing labor in women with preeclampsia or high blood pressure.

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The article, published in The Lancet, is open access and can be read here.