Jill Durocher

Research Summary: Study Shows that Guided Self-Managed Abortion via TeleAborto is Safe, Acceptable & Feasible in Mexico

September 1st, 2022
Research Summary
Medication Abortion
Gynuity Health Projects

This resource, available in Spanish and English, summarizes the key findings from a study that was conducted to obtain evidence about the safety, acceptability and feasibility of a direct-to-client telemedicine medication abortion service in Mexico. Published in the medical journal, Contraception, data for this analysis by Gynuity Health Projects and partners were collected through our ongoing telemedicine service, TeleAborto.

Study Partners Gineclinic; Centro de Atención Integral a la Pareja; Medieg; RedMyH; Planned Parenthood Global; CENETEC

Journal Article (Abstract) M. Peña et al., Telemedicine for medical abortion service provision in Mexico: A safety, feasibility, and acceptability study, Contraception, 10.1016/j.contraception.2022.06.009