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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Like you, we are adapting to a very changed environment. COVID-19 is among us and is touching every part of our lives, even though, thankfully, our staff remain well and working.

Gynuity is closely monitoring the pandemic and taking the following steps to safeguard the health and welfare of our staff, partners and community:

  • Staff working remotely with flexible work schedules, including weekend time if that is preferable for some families
  • A paid time off policy to help care for dependents and support local public health measures
  • Working with our partners to determine how best to adapt our work to respond to rapidly changing local conditions

Continuing to:

  • Offer patients in the US TelAbortion a project ensuring access to an essential health service without a clinic visit during this public health crisis
  • Adapt the TelAbortion model to be able to expand quickly to serve more people needing abortion now that MDs are given permission to provide care outside their states of licensing and the FDA’s realization that not all recommended tests will be possible (or necessary) for all patients
  • Publish and conduct ground breaking research helping to develop new clinical care models enabling access to high quality abortion and contraceptive services while reducing the number and duration of in-person patient visits.

With very best wishes for good health and strong spirits in challenging times,

Beverly Winikoff